Created in 2007, LiLash® Purified Eyelash Serum pioneered the concept of long, curled lashes.

Using breakthrough technology, LiLash conditions and fortifies lash follicles for greater length and curl within weeks. The results are mesmerising and women are celebrating their eyelashes all over the globe.

As women around the world experience the magic, an eyelash-obsessed community has formed, quickly becoming the centrepiece of our brand. Women are making LiLash part of their daily beauty routine, sharing their stories of daily compliments, and celebrating newfound confidence because of LiLash. They are the face of LiLash, and their incredible results are featured in everything we do!


Formulated by a cosmetic surgeon through in vivo clinical studies, safety and efficacy are our #1 priority. Ophthalmologist tested, the purified serum is safe for all to enjoy, including those with sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers. We never test on animals and our products are paraben free.


LiLash simplifies your daily beauty routine. Fewer coats of mascara will produce greater length, curl, and separation with less clumping. Individuals with extensions experience less natural lash breakage and greater follicle support, allowing them to enjoy their extensions for longer.


With millions of tubes sold worldwide and thousands of glowing reviews, the verdict is in. The magic of LiLash is real. Join our community of #LiLashWorks women who’ve been transformed and let LiLash become your newest beauty addiction.