Restylane Asia Pacific Aesthetic Masterclass

Michelle had the fortunate experience of being invited to the Master Injectors Class in Hong Kong in October. The key concern of women regarding ageing is their skin quality. The reason for this is that the state of hydration of the dermis diminishes with age and hormonal changes resulting in a lack of elasticity, dryness and wrinkling. Injecting the skin immediately supports and hydrates the skin (and of course lifts). Studies have shown that the injections of Hyaluronic Acids (RestylaneTM) help rejuvenate the skin. They restore the skins hydrobalance (water balance) and improve skin elasticity and structure (Kerscher M Dermatol Surg 2008) as well as the skin’s firmness. The product acts like a reservoir of long lasting hydration leaving the skin smooth and soft with a beautiful lustre and glow. So now you achieve so much more with fillers.