Facial balancing is used in the face, lips, earlobes and hands when there is a loss of volume. At The Skin Institute we use small volumes of a gel made from sugar proteins that is free of any animal product. These treatments restore the volume that we lose as we age. They deliver almost instant results and have a high safety profile. They are also reversible.

Facial Balancing can be used to:

  • Give lip definition
  • Give lip volume
  • Remove upper lip lines/smokers lines
  • Enhace cheek volume
  • Plump flat earlobes
  • Rejuvenate hands
  • Remove tiredness under eyes
  • Smooth scars

Your appointment will be between ½-1 hour. Facial Balancing last up to 12 months.
To prepare for Facial Balancing at The Skin Institute, please ask reception for a pre- treatment form.


Aesthetic Anti-Ageing are made up of a purified protein that has a high safety and satisfaction record. These treatments deliver the purified protein directly into the muscles. These treatments relax and smooth out the lines and wrinkles (dynamic lines) of the face.

Results are seen within 15 days of treatment.
Results last from 3 – 4 months.