A medical take-home skin care range that is designed for your skin and its concerns.
Our prescription strength skin care range, COSMEDIX uses only the highest quality and most effective ingredients available today. The percentage of active ingredients is amongst the highest and purest available, which by its process of “Chirality” is totally utilised and absorbed by the skin. COSMEDIX and The Skin Institute are dedicated to using the most natural and effective products on the market. There are no Parabens, Sodium Laurel Sulphate or Propylene glycol in any of our products. Only naturally occuring and non-irritating preservatives are used.

  • Free of Artificial Additives
  • Paraben Free
  • Glycolic Acid Free
  • Sodium Lauryl Sulphate Free
  • Cruelty Free
  • Chirally Correct

Included in the range of products are gentle treatments to suit individual skin problems:

Sensitive Skin

This condition is often the result of using products with irritating components. There is often a co-existing problem with facial capillaries. COSMEDIX recommends using non-irritating (chirally correct) ingredients, starting with the most gentle products and working your way up to the more active formulas.


Is often the outcome of trauma to the skin. The main cause is overexposure to the sun, but it may be from acne or injury. The skin produces melonin to protect itself, but with repeated exposure, individual areas overreact by creating brown spots.

Menopausal Skin

Skin begins to lose collagen and density after menopause as the fibroblast activity is diminished. It also produces less oil and requires stronger moisturisers. It is important to help replenish the skin with topical phyto-oestrogens and other gentle hydrating ingredients.

Acne Prone

Acne is primarily caused by internal toxicity or a hormonal imbalance. The best way to treat the appearance of acne prone skin is through a three way process; exfoliating, to open “sebum plugs” using ingredients that kill acne bacteria, and reducing the oil in the skin.